DOOM: Eternal (PC) 46,35 £

20. March 2020

Be ready to play DOOM: Eternal on release day! When you preorder, the payment will not be charged until the order has been delivered. Your product key will be sent on release day at the latest, but usually 1-2 days before.


Players who pre-order any version of DOOM Eternal receive the “Rip and Tear Pack” which includes: 

  • DOOT Revenant Skin
  • Bonus Campaign Master Level 
  • Remixed version of campaign level Cultist Base, featuring new challenges and surprises
  • “Throw-back” Combat Shotgun weapon skin 
  • Relive your glory days with this retro Shotgun, featuring classic wood handle and gun metal finish for the Combat Shotgun

As the DOOM Slayer, you return to find Earth has suffered a demonic invasion. Raze Hell and discover the Slayer’s origins and his enduring mission to rip and tear…until it is done.

Experience the ultimate combination of speed and power as you battle your way across dimensions with the next leap in push-forward, first-person combat.

Slayer Threat Level at Maximum
Armed with a shoulder-mounted flamethrower, retractable wrist-mounted blade, upgraded guns and mods, and abilities like the Double Dash, you're faster, stronger, and more versatile than ever.

Unholy Trinity
Take what you need from your enemies: Glory kill for extra health, incinerate for armor, and chainsaw demons to stock up on ammo to become the ultimate demon-slayer.

A new 2 versus 1 multiplayer experience built from the ground up at id Software. A fully-armed DOOM Slayer faces off against two player-controlled demons, duking it out over three rounds of intense first-person combat.


How does it work? Will I receive DOOM: Eternal as a physical copy?

No, you will receive DOOM: Eternal product key (DOOM: Eternal CD Key), that you will receive by e-mail. Afterwards, you will need to use the Steam-platform to redeem your DOOM: Eternal product key (DOOM: Eternal CD Key), and you'll be ready to download, install and play DOOM: Eternal. You will receive a step-by-step guide on how to do this along with your purchase. It's easy as can be!

Hvad indeholder DOOM: Eternal? Får jeg samme indhold som hos Steam?

Du får standard-udgaven af DOOM: Eternal som digital download til Steam.

Genre Action FPS
Developer id Software
Platform PC
Language English
Multiplayer Yes
Release date 20-03-2020
System requirements MINIMUM:
Kræver en 64-bit processor og operativsystem

Kræver en 64-bit processor og operativsystem
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