Blacksad: Under the Skin (PC) 31,05 £

A dark corruption scandal in the heart of the New York City's underworld for charismatic detective John Blacksad!

The 50s, New York City: Joe Dunn, owner of a boxing club, is found dead.

Meanwhile, rising star Bobby Yale, due to take to the ring for the most important fight of his career, has mysteriously disappeared.

Sonia Dunn, Joe’s daughter, takes over the gym and must deal with its financial woes. She hires private detective John Blacksad to investigate Yale’s disappearance. This sinister case will take our investigator to the darkest, most dismal depths of New York.

With its anthropomorphic characters and its incredible 1950s feel, BLACKSAD: Under the Skin promises all the eerily dark adventure of a detective novel, just like the eponymous comic book series.

Conduct the investigation in your own way. Make use of your feline senses as you hunt for new clues. Make decisions on behalf of Blacksad and influence the outcome of the case.

  • An official and all-new story for BLACKSAD, set in the comic book series’ unique world, perfectly recreated for gamers.
  • An investigative narrative game with gameplay combining investigations, puzzles, quick time events (QTE) and multiple-choice dialog.
  • Choices that directly influence the development of the character and the story's ending.
  • More than 30 characters, including new faces and old favorites, each with their own story.
  • An immersive world with a jazz soundtrack to rival the very best of Hollywood’s film noir.
  • Fans of adventure games will love its gameplay and narration while fans of the comic book series will be thrilled to rediscover the characters and graphic style of this unique world.
  • A dark world of anthropomorphic animals

How does it work? Will I receive Blacksad: Under the Skin as a physical copy?

No, you will receive Blacksad: Under the Skin product key (Blacksad: Under the Skin CD Key), that you will receive by e-mail. Afterwards, you will need to use the Steam-platform to redeem your Blacksad: Under the Skin product key (Blacksad: Under the Skin CD Key), and you'll be ready to download, install and play Blacksad: Under the Skin. You will receive a step-by-step guide on how to do this along with your purchase. It's easy as can be!

Hvad indeholder Blacksad: Under the Skin? Får jeg samme indhold som hos Steam?

Du får standard-udgaven af Blacksad: Under the Skin som digital download til Steam.

Genre Adventure
Platform PC
Multiplayer No
Release date 14-11-2019
System requirements MINIMUM:
Styresystem: 64-bits Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core i5 (3GHz) or equivalent
Hukommelse: 8 GB RAM
Grafik: AMD R7 260X / Nvidia GTX 750 Ti 2 GB
DirectX: Version 11
Diskplads: 30 GB tilgængelig plads
Styresystem: 64-bits Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i7 (3GHz) or equivalent
Hukommelse: 16 GB RAM
Grafik: AMD Radeon RX VEG
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