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Insurgency: Sandstorm is a team-based, tactical FPS based on lethal close quarters combat and objective-oriented multiplayer gameplay. Sequel to the indie breakout FPS Insurgency, Sandstorm is reborn, improved, expanded, and bigger in every way. Experience the intensity of modern combat where skill is rewarded, and teamwork wins the fight. Prepare for a hardcore depiction of combat with deadly ballistics, light attack vehicles, destructive artillery, and HDR audio putting the fear back into the genre.

An intense atmosphere putting the terror into modern combat
Move with speed and caution as you push through the war-torn environments of a fictional contemporary conflict in the Middle East. Death comes fast, ammunition must be carefully managed, and the environment must be tactically navigated at every step toward victory.

Insurgency: refined and expanded
For the first time in an Insurgency game, customize your character to show your veterancy with diverse sets of clothing, uniforms, accessories, and character voices. Coordinate fire support with your team, engage enemies with vehicle mounted machine guns, and go head to head in small scale high speed competitive matches. Wield new weapons and new upgrades to outmaneuver, outflank, and outsmart the enemy.

War at its realest
Continuing Insurgency’s acclaim as the most atmospheric shooter, Sandstorm is built on Unreal 4 to bring its gritty close-quarters combat into a whole new era of realism. Skill is rewarded, and survival is paramount. Feel every bullet, and fear every impact.

  • Sequel to the indie breakout FPS Insurgency, now with 5 million units sold. Sandstorm is reborn, improved, expanded, and bigger in every way.
  • Character and weapon customisation to show your battle-hardiness.
  • Unprecedented audio design with positional voice-chat for realistic teamwork, and heart pounding ambient audio to bring you into the battlefield.
  • Peek around corners, tactically breach doorways, use smoke to cover your team’s advance, and call in air support.
  • Battle across expansive maps in up to 16-versus-16 player game modes, or 8 player co-operative against AI, now with machine gun mounted drivable vehicles.
  • Competitive multiplayer features including matchmaking, broadcasting UI, and replays.

How does it work? Will I receive Insurgency: Sandstorm as a physical copy?

No, you will receive Insurgency: Sandstorm product key (Insurgency: Sandstorm CD Key), that you will receive by e-mail. Afterwards, you will need to use the Steam-platform to redeem your Insurgency: Sandstorm product key (Insurgency: Sandstorm CD Key), and you'll be ready to download, install and play Insurgency: Sandstorm. You will receive a step-by-step guide on how to do this along with your purchase. It's easy as can be!

Hvad indeholder Insurgency: Sandstorm? Får jeg samme indhold som hos Steam?

Du får standard-udgaven af Insurgency: Sandstorm som digital download til Steam.

Platform PC
Multiplayer Yes
Release date 12-12-2018
System requirements MINIMUM:
Kræver en 64-bit processor og operativsystem
Styresystem: Windows 7/8/10 (64 bits)
Processor: Intel Core i5-4440 (3.10GHz)/AMD FX-6300 (3.50GHz)
Hukommelse: 8 GB RAM
Grafik: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760/AMD Radeon HD 7970
DirectX: Version 11
Diskplads: 40 GB tilgængelig plads
Kræver en 64-bit processor og operativsystem
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Average customer rating:
Reviewed by: Kjell E at 2020-12-18

Är mycket nöjd fick koden någon sekund efter beställningen :)

Reviewed by: Andreas N at 2020-07-02

En god blanding mellem realisme, godt tempo men stadigvæk sjov!

Købte en CD key til Insurgency: Sandstorm. Det er klart gået hen og blevet en af mine yndlings FPS-spil, hvor der er en fin balance mellem realisme ift., hvordan man bevæger sig, hvordan våben opfører sig, tempo i spillet mv.

Læringskurven er rimelig lav sammenlignet med lignende "realistiske shooters".

Kan varmt anbefale det til FPS-fans, der søger en god blanding mellem realisme og sjov.